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91传媒国 产一区二区久久 Membership procedure

FAI has 611 members in India and overseas comprising of Manufacturers, Professionals, Technocrats etc.
FAI members are involved in all activities related to the production and distribution of plant nutrients, their raw materials and intermediates.

There are four categories of Membership in FAI.
1. Active
2. Associate
3. Overseas Associate
4. Technical & Professional
The first three categories are corporate Members and the 4th category is Individual Member.

Entrance Fee
Each candidate for election as an Active Member shall pay an entrance fee of Rs. 2000 plus GST 18%. Each candidate for election as an Associate Member shall pay an entrance of Rs. 500 plus GST 18%. Overseas Associate Members and Technical and Professional Associate Members shall not be required to pay entrance fee:
Provided that an Association Member who shall apply to be converted and admitted as an Active Member under Proviso (ii) to Article 6 (a) hereof, shall pay an entrance fee of Rs. 1500/- plus GST 18% for admission as an Active Member.

Membership Subscription
2023-24 (April/March)
The rates of subscription are as under:
Ceiling - based on nutrient sold Rates**(Rs.)
Sales upto 25,000 tonnes 63,000
Sales > 25,000 but <50,000 tonnes                1.25 Lakh
Sales > 50,000 but <1,50,000 tonnes             2.50 Lakhs
Sales > 1,50,000 but <3,00,000 tonnes          4.37 Lakhs
Sales > 3,00,000 but <5,00,000 tonnes          6.25 Lakhs
Sales > 5,00,000 but <10,00,000 tonnes        8.75 Lakhs
Sales > 10,00,000 but <15,00,000 tonnes     11.25 Lakhs
Sales > 15,00,000 but <20,00,000 tonnes      13.75 Lakhs
Sales > 20,00,000 but <25,00,000 tonnes      17.50 Lakhs
Sales > 25,00,000 tonnes 25.00 Lakhs
* = Category is determined based on domestic production plus imports of nutrients sold except imported urea.
** = In addition to the above, GST 18% for the year 2023-24 is also payable.

The rates of subscription for other categories of members are as follows:
Associate: Rs. 20,000 plus GST 18%
Overseas Associate: US$ 2,000 plus GST 18%
Technical & Professional: Rs. 500 plus GST 18%