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FAI web site, was launched during 2000-01. The site has been providing wealth of information to its members. In addition to statistical data, the information includes subjects like environmental, energy consumption, Government notifications, agriculture promotion programme (APP) of FAI, calendar of events, Abstract service. Daily news bulletin are also posted on the web site. FAI website provides on-line registration facility to the delegates of FAI Annual Seminar held during December every year.

In addition to the classified information available in FAI website, news items relating to the development in the fertiliser and agriculture sectors and other key information were sent to the web members regularly on the working days.

Only FAI members (Active, Associate or Overseas Associate) are eligible for becoming member of FAI web site. Subscription for FAI web site is in addition to FAI membership fee.

Categories of FAI web members
- Active
The number of subscribers of the FAI web site as on 1.3.202
0 was as under:

Active: 1 1
Associate: 3 0
Total 4 1